About the Lab

Our group primarily focuses on rehabilitation and assistive device design for biomedical applications. This utilizes strengths in IoT(Internet of Things), system theoretic solutions to bio-mechanic-based problems, integrated and embedded system design, robust estimation, and human motion capture, signal filtering, and motion analytics areas.

Our activities range from Micro-electronic circuits and associated firmware developments to Cloud-based data analytics and Machine Learning in translating bio-medical sensory information to clinically meaningful information for medical decision making. This involves IoT platform design and engages computer network ideas to ensure sensing, information retrieval and the resulting dissemination of relevant information occurs seamlessly while meeting the necessary security and privacy standards.

BioKinTM is a wearable sensor platform developed at the Networked Sensing & Biomedical Engineering Research laboratory at Deakin for real-time motion capture that is currently being used in a number of Biomedical applications, particularly in the diagnosis and assessment of neurological disorders.

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Director – Professor Pubudu N. Pathirana

Tel : +03 52272914

Email : nscadmin@deakin.edu.au